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Clients & Testimonials

Client Profiles

Regional Director dramatically improved leadership skills
An executive with a multi-national retail company worked with Fredregill Professional Development to improve leadership, communication, time-effectiveness, and strategic planning skills. At the beginning of the coaching engagement, the executive self-rated 85% of skills as below average in these focus areas. After twelve months, the executive rated 90% of these same skills at good or above average. The executive reported at least one level of improvement in 100% of the behaviors. 24 months later, the executive's boss confirmed that the client's strong performance still showed the positive effects of the coaching engagement.

I knew coaching was working when my direct report asked, ‘Have you changed something? You seem like a better listener and more open to feedback.’

Independent web designer increased referral business
A sole entrepreneur web designer used coaching to focus on time-management, process-management, and productivity goals. The client reported that coaching helped her to establish "big picture" goals while also creating daily actionable items.

"Not only have I seen an increase in business since working with Dominique, I feel that I am providing better service to my clients. I've seen my referral business double since working with her. I would recommend Dominique to anyone who is ready to step things up a notch but hasn't been able to focus on their own."

Chief Executive Officer secured $50,000 grant
A CEO of a successful non-profit organization contacted Dominique to work on time-effectiveness and external networking skills. Even with a supportive Board of Directors to call upon, the CEO needed an additional "thought partner" to help improve performance. Within four months, the CEO reported exceptional progress in productivity.

For external networking skills, he reported, “I pick up the phone more often than I did four months ago – and with more success. Our organization secured a $50,000 grant through a personal connection made as part of my work with Dominique on networking skills.”

District Manager promoted to Regional Director
Within six months of starting coaching, a mid-level manager was promoted to Director overseeing 10x the revenue and staff. The previous estimate for time to promotion was 18 to 24 months. The increased structure and accountability provided by the coaching made this person ready for significant promotion much earlier than would have been possible without coaching.

Working with Dominique has been the single most important development step I have taken in my career -- both professionally and personally. I have clear goals and action steps to achieve them. Dominique does not let me settle, only my best will do.

Independent Graphic Designer improved business skills and increased repeat customers
A graphic designer working alone used coaching as a way to have a "virtual business partner" to discuss ideas and challenges. Within months, the client reported increased confidence in decision-making, increased business, and better work-life balance.

"As a consultant, most decisions and actions are made independently. Coaching has given me the opportunity to discuss difficult situations confidentially with an outside advisor who has an objective and intelligent outlook. Results are ongoing due to the tools that Dominique has given me. The measurable results include greater confidence making executive decisions, an increase in repeat customers from those decisions, and never forgetting about happiness outside the office."

Chief Financial Officer improved focus and value to firm
A CFO of a Real Estate firm hired Dominique to clarify long-term professional goals. After goals were clarified, the client worked with Dominique to set specific action plans to reach those goals. The coaching program helped the client to focus on what was most important and to sort through all the “noise” (e-mails, calls, seemingly urgent crises) that arose everyday.

My company has a more focused and effective leader. Dominique challenged me to implement specific problem solving tools and techniques, which I continue to employ today.

Individual contributor secured promotion
An individual contributor set development goals to work on communication and leadership skills. During the coaching engagement, she was promoted to a position that would further develop her executive skills.

"I am much more focused on 'the big rocks' - what matters most both personally and professionally. As a result, I was promoted to a new position with improved communication skills."

Individual contributor focused career search after layoff
A job search can be stressful, especially if you're not expecting to have to look for a job in the first place. This client used coaching services to evaluate the most fulfilling career directions, set measurable goals, and stay on track in a job search. The client benefited from the accountability mechanism that coaching provides.

"After dragging my feet for months, I created an excellent resume that is ready to go when an opportunity appears. Dominique's motivational skills helped me to set and accomplish short as well as long term goals. Her coaching process is unique; it is non-judgmental, motivating and actually fun."

Board of Directors jumped decision-making hurdles
A non-profit Board of Directors was experiencing communication struggles that arise naturally when new members are added with different styles. Dominique interviewed each member individually and then provided anonymous feedback to the entire board that clearly illuminated the strengths and weaknesses of their decision-making process. After only one half-day session together, members commented on their improved ability to move forward.

“Many thanks for working so hard to clarify our Board of Directors' sensitive issues. Dominique hit the nail on the head. She created a breakthrough in our communicating and decision-making policies which will truly carry us forward.”

And from another member: “We had a great board meeting on Saturday because of what we did with Dominique.”

Documentary Producer started own company
A documentary filmmaker in New York working for a talented producer was ready to produce her own programs. She used coaching to plan an exit strategy from her current company, and to create a business plan for her first independent documentary. The coaching focused on immediate, practical action steps to get funding, do comprehensive research, and create a realistic production plan. In addition, the client used coaching to work on her communication skills in approaching funders and networks like HBO.

I now have clear, focused thinking in approaching all business matters. I am learning to create tangible goals and the right follow-through to attain them. I have learned how to enhance the assets of my management style, and how to be direct when asking for what I need.

Former CEO hired within 3 months
After selling a successful startup, a Stanford MBA used coaching to assist in a job search that had lost momentum. Clear, prioritized focus, accountability, and help clarifying goals were the biggest benefits reported.

I got 3 simultaneous job offers during a down economy in one of the most depressed regions and job sectors at the time, and in less than 3 months!

Independent Consultant solved time-management challenges
A consultant with a decade of experience working within organizations started an independent practice working from home. The client worked with Dominique to create a time-effectiveness structure to stay focused on the most important projects, and to separate work responsibilities from the personal distractions that arise when working from home.

The benefits I’m experiencing are primarily improvement in my abilities and confidence with time management, particularly weekly scheduling. I have less personal stress and more on-time delivery of products to clients.

Account Executive pursued career shift
A successful Account Executive used coaching to create a strategy for making a career shift in a down economy. The second purpose was to be coached on how to "manage up" to avoid termination or layoff while making this career shift.

I believe Dominique went far beyond expectations in our time together. I had been searching for a coach but I didn't know what to expect as they are different things to different people. She is trustworthy, pragmatic, curious, calm but extremely humorous and able to extract ideas and information into coherent tasks.

Senior Consultant hit the ground running in new job
A senior-level consultant started a new job with a technology company with no training, direction, or management support. The consultant used coaching to clarify business goals, and set action plans to achieve them.

After the consultant’s first presentation the CEO said,This is the format we should use for all presentations moving forward.”

“I greatly benefited in my career transition, and would highly recommend Dominique as a coach.

Quick wins for new CEO in leadership role
After starting a non-profit organization, a new CEO hired Fredregill Professional Development for one-on-one and team sessions. The focus of the coaching was to clarify the vision, mission, and values of the organization, and then to work on each team member’s skills in accomplishing goals. The CEO specifically worked on time-effectiveness and leadership skills.

Dominique helped me identify what was most important so that I could focus my time there. She coached me how to hand off tasks more effectively than I had been doing before.

why coaching works


quotation marksI work less hours and get more done. Planning, delegation, and execution were on my development list. Now I am coaching others at these skills.end quotes

— Regional Director, Starbucks Coffee Company

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