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Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs Overview

There are 8 steps to every successful coaching program with Fredregill Professional Development:

1. Complimentary Consultation
During the complimentary consultation, Dominique explains the key components of coaching and does an abridged coaching session so you can get a feel for what coaching is like. All conversations are confidential.

2. Orientation
Once you agree to move forward, you meet with Dominique for a two-hour orientation session to discuss your personal and organization’s business, background, goals, strengths and opportunities.

3. Tailored Coaching Schedule
Typically, you meet with Dominique for 40-minute sessions, three times per month — in-person or over the telephone. The timing is flexible and a schedule is customized to your needs. It is recommended that clients establish a coaching arrangement for a minimum of six months; some clients continue to work with Dominique for years.

4. Initial Assessments
You work with Dominique to utilize both internal feedback (e.g. self-assessment) and external feedback (e.g. from peers, direct-reports, etc.) to determine strengths and areas for improvement. In some cases for an extra fee, external assessment tools are used to provide objective benchmarks. Where appropriate, Dominique may also spend time with you during normal work routines.

5. Goal-setting
You work with Dominique to define specifically what goals you want to work on, and how you will measure your success.

6. Ongoing Coaching Sessions
During each session, Dominique works with you to determine specific ways in which you could be achieving better results. Dominique asks the tough questions that get to the root of a situation, provides objective feedback, and creates a system of accountability with you. You act effectively for yourself and acquire self-perpetuating strengths. Because the coaching sessions are highly effective over the phone, clients can be located anywhere in the world.

7. Action Plans
Between sessions, you take actions tailored specifically to your job and your life. Each week, you implement new skills and behaviors to improve your leadership, management, and productivity. Dominique will often challenge you to accomplish more than you might have on your own. (You always have the option of scaling back a challenge.) Because of the structured action planning and accountability system, clients immediately report on their ability to achieve goals more quickly. Dominique provides modules and exercises to work through specific areas where clients need to learn new information or gain new skills.

8. Measurement and Communication of Results
Throughout the coaching engagement, Dominique keeps clients focused on their goals. In addition to tackling “just-in-time” issues as they arise, the client continues to measure their progress toward larger goals. When a company hires Dominique to work with an employee, Dominique holds regular check-in meetings with the client, supervisor and other interested parties (e.g. a Human Resources representative) to ensure everyone stays informed about the client’s progress. Again, all client conversations are confidential so feedback to a third party is only shared with the client’s participation and consent.

Coaching programs are customized to each specific situation. Fees are also customized. A first month fee (includes orientation and assessment time) and subsequent monthly fees are agreed upon. For most agreements, fees are paid at the beginning of the month for that month’s sessions.



quotation marksDominique’s breadth of knowledge and depth of intelligence allows her to synthesize the information needed to be effective in her role as a challenger, ally and coach. She is extremely gifted in this role.end quotes

— CFO, Real Estate firm

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Coaching with Teams
Coaching programs for teams (e.g. a work team or Board of Directors) are very similar to individual programs although conducted in a group setting. In some cases, Dominique will conduct assessments with each of the team members individually and then report back to the larger group anonymously.

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