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Coaching Programs

Coaching Topics

Coaching programs typically focus on achieving results in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Productivity, Time-management & Efficiency
  • Foundation skills for Newly Promoted Managers
  • Promotability
  • Prioritizing & Business Planning for Independent Professionals
  • Networking
  • Career Management
  • Mentor/Mentee effectiveness
  • Decision-making
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales-building
  • Organizational Development
  • Improving Retention and Decreasing Turnover
  • Quick Wins in New Leadership Roles
  • Intervention coaching for "at-risk" performers or teams

Coaching Modules

The following modules create results quickly and are selected depending on client needs. Tools used within these modules include: 360-degree assessments, self-assessments, performance reviews, direct observation, DISC, and PCSI.

Productivity and Time Management

The module starts with an assessment of demands on the client's time. The client and Dominique analyze the sources and quantity of incoming and outgoing information (e.g. e-mail, phone calls, meetings, etc.). The client is guided to set up a system for handling data, and for delegating to resources (when applicable). The client establishes weekly planning habits which incorporate flexibility to respond to changing demands. Clients report greater reaction speed, feeling of control, empowerment, and ability to shift gears quickly to respond to changing demands and unforeseen opportunities.

Communication Skills

This module begins with the client completing an assessment of preferred primary and secondary communication styles. The client and coach uncover the styles and their potential impacts. Next, the client discovers ways to assess the preferred communication styles of people around them (bosses, employees, customers, etc.) and ways to use that information to be a more effective communicator. The client works with Dominique to create a strategy and goals for leveraging one's preferred style and strengthening less natural styles to better communicate with others.

Leadership and Performance Management

Clients with individuals or teams reporting to them benefit from this module. The module begins with a process where the client informally assesses each individual team member's performance. Next, the client and coach develop a game-plan for leveraging strengths and improving each individual's performance. Most often, this module includes better understanding of the client's decision-making and change management styles when managing others' performance.

Goal Setting

All modules include some form of goal-setting. More specifically, clients learn which goal-setting models are most appealing and effective for their own natural style and preferences.

Personal Development for Promotion

This module starts with defining the skills and aptitudes required for a targeted position. Next, the client identifies strengths and areas for improvement, and compares those to the desired position. The client and Dominique develop a strategy and goals for promotion. Usually, this module includes positioning skills and interview preparation.


quotation marksOur organization secured a $50,000 grant through a personal connection made as part of my work with Dominique on networking skills.end quotes

—CEO, Successful Non-profit Organization

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quotation marksAfter 40 minutes of working with Dominique, I feel more confident when walking into a meeting.end quotes

— Sales Executive, Qwest

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