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Why Coaching Works

Coaching provides a significantly more effective model for improving performance than training alone. Studies show that after attending a training course, people remember less than 15% of what they learned and only implement less than 7% of the behavior changes from the course material.

8 of the key components that make coaching effective for individuals and organizations:

1. One-to-one focus
The coach is focused solely on the goals, issues, and behaviors of the client. Each program is tailored specifically to the client, not a general one-size-fits-all program. Because all goals are set by the client, they are personally motivated to meet their goals.

2. Measurable goal setting
Clients who articulate measurable goals are more likely to achieve them. Once a target is defined, steps to get there are easier to formulate. This is true for highly quantifiable things like sales as well as 'soft skills' like leadership. Dominique pushes clients to define desired outcomes so that activities and processes can lead to those results.

3. Confidentiality
All conversations are confidential. Feedback is provided to others only with the participation and consent of the client.

4. Objectivity
The right coach provides objective feedback. Their only agenda is your success. CEO's especially find that a coach is the one person who will "tell it like it is," without fear of jeopardizing their career.

5. Accountability
People are significantly more likely to meet commitments when they know someone will be following up. At the beginning of each session, Dominique asks a client to report on progress with his or her action plans.

6. Action — immediate, real-time practice
Reflection without action does not create results. During every session, clients commit to take actions that will further their goals. All actions are immediate and relevant. Clients work on exercises or modules that are tailored to their business, professional or personal goals.

7. Partner that pushes you further
The right coach will challenge you to do more than you might have challenged yourself to do. For example if you say, “I can make three contacts this week,” a coach might challenge you to make five calls…but only if they truly believe you can do it. Clients report they accomplish more than they imagined they could.

8. Scheduled self-reflection
Clients examine what drives their behavior through scheduled self-reflection. People often say, "I've been meaning to get to that." Usually the reasons they haven't are that they lack the time, energy, or format for constructive reflection. Coaches help clients to order and systematize to create the time, space, and energy.



quotation marksI have less personal stress and more on-time delivery of products to clients.end quotes

— Independent Consultant, Education Sector

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